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Highly professional IT consulting in Bonn

Since 2014, EnBITCon GmbH has been working as an IT consultancy in Bonn with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and in particular serves numerous industrial customers. As a young and dynamic team, open communication at eye level with customers is important to us - under these conditions, companies receive customised IT solutions and highly professional IT consulting in Bonn from us. Compared to internal IT solutions, companies benefit from our IT services because we specialise in selected services and have access to a large pool of competent personnel.

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IT consulting in Bonn at a glance

As a company, you have the option of looking for temporary staff yourself or hiring a personnel manager. An independent search for an IT consultancy in Bonn to implement certain IT processes for you in your company is difficult because you cannot be sure of the quality of the expert.

As your IT consultancy in Bonn, we offer you the advantage of being excellently networked and having the right IT experts available in the desired quantity. Beforehand, as IT consultants, we are responsible for advising you on which IT processes should be implemented in your business in the first place and which experts you need for this.

Our IT consultancy in Bonn uses a process consisting of four steps to meet with you and other clients. We explain this process in more detail on our IT service provider in Bonn in Bonn page, here is the short version:

Understand your starting position

As IT consultants in Bonn, we get to know you, your business and your industry, which enables us to understand your starting position.
Identify optimizations

Based on your initial situation, we as IT consultants for Bonn and the surrounding area determine where IT processes could be implemented in your company to optimize operational processes.
Create a calculable investment plan

We then create a calculable investment plan. Companies often complain about the costs that are higher with external IT consulting in Bonn than with an internal solution; we ensure long-term cost savings.
Work productively

At the end of the process is the work: our experts work productively because we, as your IT consultant, create a holistic offer for you. In the holistic offer, you receive all services efficiently from a single source.

With us as IT consultants in Bonn at your side, you will have far less effort than if you were to search for and train temporary staff on your own. Instead, you can dedicate yourself to your core business and further develop your company. In addition, with our IT consultancy in Bonn, you have the advantage over an individual personnel manager that you hire, in that we can provide more personnel and, as a large IT consultant, bundle diverse competences within our team.

In the long term, the services of our IT consultancy in Bonn help you to reduce costs, because thanks to the fact that we implement digitisation in your business securely and efficiently and constantly monitor the digital processes, productivity in your company increases.

Because we specialise in IT security, wireless LAN, OT/industrial security and IT project management at IT Consulting in Bonn, we can guarantee you the highest standards of cyber security and system redundancy in all IT services.

Practical example: Vulnerability management through IT consulting in Bonn

Vulnerability management is an essential part of the situation analysis that we, as IT consultants in Bonn, have already carried out for numerous industrial clients. In order to reliably check whether company networks have vulnerabilities that could be attacked by hackers or by viruses and damage the company, a large number of people are needed inside or outside the company: the penetration testers.

The test by our IT consultancy in Bonn identifies vulnerabilities in the form of passwords that are changed too infrequently or incorrectly configured hardware components, for example. But beware: this test only serves as a snapshot! As soon as you expand your IT infrastructure, the new components could contribute to the development of vulnerabilities. Then a new test is necessary. - Would you have known that? No? This is the case for many entrepreneurs and that is why we are at your side as IT consultants in Bonn: so that every interface and component in your company meets the highest requirements of industrial security and general IT security!

Further information about the focus of EnBITCon GmbH as an IT consultant in Bonn

Find out more about the focus of our IT services on our page about the IT system house in Bonn or click through to the sub-pages in the following overview!

Managed IT Services

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are constantly faced with the challenge of being able to organise their business processes as effectively as possible and thus secure their competitiveness. This almost always includes the use of IT. No matter how large your company is - it will only with great effort find the appropriate expert for each IT process.

IT security

If you do not protect your information technology sufficiently, this "feeling" could turn into bitter seriousness. The danger that valuable internal information from your company could be published very quickly is the least of your worries.


Industry 4.0 and the shift to "smart factories" offers unimagined opportunities for German industry, for example through the implementation of remote maintenance for control systems, fully automated production processes or intelligent logistics. At the same time, modernisation is making industrial systems more vulnerable than ever before.

Vulnerability management

Vulnerability management primarily prevents the exploitation of vulnerabilities in a company's IT systems. They are one of the most frequently used ways to compromise commercial IT infrastructures. A vulnerability can be both outdated and faulty or inadequately configured hardware or software components.

IT infrastructure

It is important for a company that the IT service provider has an innovative approach to IT solutions. That is why EnBITCon takes precisely this approach. Not only are today's demands on a company's IT infrastructure becoming increasingly complex, but looking to the future is also playing an increasingly decisive role in shaping IT solutions.

WLAN solutions

Who hasn't experienced this? A careless employee trips over the network cable or the cable was kinked during installation and therefore has to be replaced. But not only this problem is often a nuisance when it comes to cross-laid cable connections. It is not uncommon for the laying itself to become a major challenge, as the consequences are extensive drilling and numerous network components that are expensive to purchase.

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As a large IT consultancy in Bonn with a broad team, we have capacity at all times. We look forward to getting to know new customers and companies. If you have any questions about us or are interested in one of our services, please contact EnBITCon GmbH, your IT consultancy in Bonn! We are already looking forward to meeting you.

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