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WiFi consulting - we network wirelessly!

we have the plan for your WiFi

Who hasn't experienced this? A careless employee stumbles over the network cable or the cable is bent during installation and has to be replaced. But this problem is not the only one that is often a nuisance when it comes to cross-laid cable connections. It is not uncommon for the laying itself to become a major challenge, as the consequences are complex drilling and numerous network components that are expensive to purchase.

EnBITCon protects all interiors from such accidents and saves you construction work in your company building as well as high investments for unnecessary IT components.

Benefit from our wide range of experience during our professional WiFi consulting for your IT infrastructure. With the help of EnBITCon GmbH, you will receive secure and reliable networking on a wireless basis. Our certified WiFi engineers will be happy to advise you on an individual level.

Whether hotel, hospital, school, industrial environment or office complex - in us you have found the right service provider!

WiFi consulting - comprehensive service for your reliable network connection

EnBITCon GmbH offers you high-quality services to set up your WiFi infrastructure according to your ideas or to bring an existing - deficient - WiFi environment up to scratch by means of WiFi illumination.

Experience maximum efficiency based on professional WiFi planning and achieve the best performance on the basis of high-quality components.

Eine WLAN Planung versteht sich grundsätzlich als Konzept für die Funktionalität von Wireless LAN in einem Gebäude, einem Abschnitt oder einer anderweitigen Fläche. Im Grunde ist eine WLAN Planung erforderlich, um eine möglichst vollständige und dabei effiziente Abdeckung eines WLAN-Netzes in den jeweiligen Bereichen zu erzielen.
WiFi illumination
Our professional WiFi illumination (also WiFi measurement) serves to optimise your existing wireless network infrastructure. We primarily improve poor reception quality, i.e. the signal strength in all corners and areas.
WiFi infrastructure
With us as your partner, you can choose your favourite products from a broad portfolio of three manufacturers of high-quality WiFi components in order to be able to respond to any challenge in terms of WiFi infrastructure.
Industrial WiFi
With our industrial WiFi services, we network your industrial facilities reliably, efficiently and future-oriented. Or - in the event of problems or expansion requests - we optimise your industrial WiFi infrastructure according to your specifications.

Set up WiFi in the school to make good use of networking

Set up WiFi in the school?
Of course, we understand that this may seem problematic at first glance, as there are probably students who would try to take advantage of the offer. However, part of our first-class service is that you, as the person in charge, can specify exactly who should have access to the school's own WiFi, in which area and at what time.

This can be used, for example, to offer upper school students more flexibility during free periods, to enrich homework supervision in the afternoon hours or to simplify research during lessons. Do not close yourself off to modern media, but use the advantages of a functioning IT infrastructure for lesson planning.

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick:

  • Integration von modernen Lernmethoden
  • Ständig verfügbare, digitale Lernumgebungen
  • Digitale Kommunikationswege zwischen Lehrern und Schülern
  • Direktes Feedback für Schüler und Lehrer
  • Einbindung von BYOD-Konzepten und Screencasting
  • Remote-Zugriff auf den Unterricht von Zuhause und Unterwegs
  • Zukunftsorientiertes Lernen

With us as a partner, there is nationwide WiFi in the hospital

Wherever you have to spend time over the course of a few hours or even several days (for example, on the train, at the airport or in the hospital), unrestricted internet access can be of great benefit. After all, the smartphone is now as much a part of one's daily equipment as one's identity card.

This makes checking unread messages, checking new emails or accessing new apps and games an interesting way to pass the time while waiting. That's why we also specialise in setting up unrestricted WiFi in the hospital.

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick:

  • WLAN-Netzwerk für Patienten und Gäste zugänglich machen
  • Einfache, digitale Kommunikationswege für Krankenhaus-Mitarbeiter und Patienten
  • Sofortige Verfügbarkeit und Aktualisierung von Patientenakten
  • Remote-Überwachung von Vital-Daten der Patienten und anderen Krankenhausgeräten
  • Location-Tracking einzelner Krankenhausgeräte (bspw. Rollstühlen)

Außerhalb der Besuchszeiten oder im Falle einer Bettlägerigkeit kann die Zeit während des Aufenthalts hier äußerst langsam vergehen, sodass eine schnelle und zuverlässige Internetverbindung, viele Abwechslungsmöglichkeiten liefert.

Set up WiFi in the hotel: benefit from satisfied guests

Whether it's a holiday, a business trip or any other reason for staying overnight: Nowadays, it's good manners to offer hotel guests - for a fee or free of charge - access to the hotel's own internet connection. Some want to quickly inform relatives about the trip, while others need to read important e-mails. It is always an advantage not to have to rely on your own smartphone data volume, but to be able to go online with your notebook or tablet

When you engage us to set up your reliable WiFi in your hotel, you can look forward to an excellent result - after all, EnBITCon GmbH successfully completed certification according to the ISO 9001 quality management standard in January 2017.

Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick:

  • Gezielte Angebote, Dienstleistungen oder Sonderaktionen durch Captive-Portale
  • „Kostenlose“ Werbung durch Benutzung von Social Media Kanäle von Hotelgästen
  • Steigerung der Attraktivität
  • Grundlage für ein vernetztes Bestellsystem für Ihr Servicepersonal
  • Engere Interaktion zwischen Hotel und Gästen
  • Unterstützung von Geschäftsprozessen
  • Integration von standortbasierten Diensten

WiFi for care facilities: Seniors on the Internet? Of course!

Technologies such as e-mail and VoIP telephony as well as platforms such as Facebook or WhatsApp are increasingly being used by older people. Due to the constant demographic change, it is only a matter of time before the first "digital natives" move into assisted care facilities and do not want to do without the advantages of the internet.

However, digitalisation of nursing homes also offers advantages for the nursing staff: For example, food or assistance can easily be ordered via a tablet or residents can check in and out with a chip card

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Continuity and structure through doing things we are used to doing
  • Ways to stay in touch with family and friends
  • Easy retrieval of news and updates
  • Mental exercise and entertainment without being dependent on caregivers
  • Location-based tracking, for example for dementia patients

Time saving
Money saving

WiFi consulting by professionals for solutions with quality

Powerful WiFi components, coupled with our know-how in WiFi planning, WiFi illumination and WiFi infrastructure, help you achieve maximum flexibility and make your network cables disappear. Network signals are simply routed through the walls without any structural changes. Make every place in your company, hotel, hospital or school online-capable!

We plan your new IT infrastructure, measure your premises, analyse sources of interference and show you exactly which products you need to set up your company with maximum flexibility. We provide you with a complete WiFi consultation and implementation - and at extremely fair prices!

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