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4 simple steps to perfect WiFi coverage

Understanding your goal together
First of all, it must be clarified in a discussion which prerequisites your target WiFi infrastructure should be subject to (see above - Prerequisites). Of course, you will have such a preliminary discussion with our certified WiFi experts. Furthermore, it is important to discuss what is particularly important to you as our customer with regard to the documentation and the associated recommendations for action. If possible, we will prepare the documentation according to these specifications.
We analyse your structural infrastructure
Using your existing construction plans, also CAD plans, or similar graphics, we analyse the structural conditions and identify any associated sources of interference. Furthermore, such a plan serves as the basis for later documentation.
Start of WiFi coverage / measurement
Now the coverage can be started, taking into account points 1 and 2, depending on whether it is an ACTUAL analysis, a classic site survey or a reference measurement of a previous WiFi planning. Using your existing access points or our reference devices (own access points, spectrum analysers, etc.), a measurement is carried out in the respective areas - e.g. to substantiate the current ACTUAL state with optimisation proposals. In a site survey, the optimal positions of the access points are determined with the help of tripods. On the other hand, a reference measurement with the help of our equipment checks whether the expected signal strength of the access points actually corresponds to the planning or whether there are areas that cannot be reached by the planned access points. On this basis, we can then look for the causes of interference/divergences and identify the associated sources of interference. Such a measurement can also be used to clarify the condition of the building.
Based on your plans and our measurement results, we create the documentation for the illumination. This contains graphical representations of all WiFi parameters, which can also be used afterwards for the configuration or optimisation of your access points. We generate this heat map with the Ekahau Site Survey Software, among others.